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Moataz Kamel is an Egyptian artist born in 1976. He earned a PhD in Philosophy of Fine Arts & is a lecturer at the Painting Department at The  Faculty of Fine Arts in Minia University.

He participated in a a lot of exhibitions in Egypt, that include the General Exhibition in 2013 and 2016 at Palace Arts. He also took part in four solo exhibitions like Eldeiar at Khan Al Maghraby in Cairo,  The Third International Symposium for Drawing on the Wall and Boats (El Borollos), Symposium Elhady Eltorki at Tunisia, Philadelphia International Forum for Arts, Rencontre International (2 edition) in Paris, Aspora in South Korea, ELMAZAR Art Gallery in Marakish & Dar Zagora in Morocco, Sonia Monti and Gallery Six in Paris, Abilities in  Jordon, De Sarria inSpain , Dubai Art Fair ,Nawat Elfan in Jedda.

In his last exhibition, Moataz looked through inspiring nature, trying to reform it in an abstract shape that does not resemble nature but carries science and hints of nature.

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